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There’s a bit in Star Trek 6 where Spock is talking to another Vulcan, a protege of his, and he tells her that he plans for her to replace him on the Enterprise. Her best line in the whole movie is, in response, “I could only succeed you, sir.”

I really like how you’ve gotten to the crux of these two synonyms. All things end. It’s true in life, as well as in physics. Friendships, relationships, stars and galaxies alike. But all of them are also unique and special and important. It’s good to hold both ideas at the same time

The Star Trek clip I mentioned:


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100% agree. Understanding this concept isn't just helpful for dealing with loss or understanding how polyamory actually works emotionally, it's also a good tool for lessening FOMO (fear of missing out), jealousy, and appreciating the relationships you've cultivated enough to treat them with the care they deserve.

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Excellent and wise post.

Re. this:

"Personally, every deep relationship I’ve ever had (so far) has ended, starting from my childhood best friend in first grade. Every single one has moved away, or moved on, or grown apart over time, or been radically altered beyond saving. Accepting change and loss was a matter of emotional survival."

If this is true of both friends and lovers, odds are that you're doing something wrong. Moving away doesn't need to end relationships. I have deep relationships with people I haven't seen in years, or didn't see for years at a stretch; and one whom I've never seen. But staying close takes work. More than a Christmas card every year.

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