I Blog. I Podcast. I Write SF.

In addition to this blog, I have a podcast. OK, I have a few.

The Bayesian Conspiracy is a podcast that covers general topics of interest to the rationalist community.

The Methods of Rationality podcast was started to create a full-cast audio book of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It has now moved on to other rationalist fiction topics.

I’m also a cohost of The Mind Killer podcast. A rationalist perspective on the fortnight’s news.

I have written one novel so far, What Lies Dreaming, Lovecraftian horror in 2nd century Rome.

I have published a dozen short stories, which can be found at my Fiction page.

The blog name is a challenge to the people who say there are good things about death. While we can argue subtleties and exceptions and special-cases, I’ve found far too many people who embrace death willingly. It’s so prevalent that I refuse to make concessions in general conversation. Death is always Bad. We can talk about fringe cases only if and when it’s been established that we have both firmly rejected deathism.

I originally blogged at DeathIsBadBlog.com, you can find my old About page there.

I’m on Twitter at @EneaszWrites

If you’d like to reach me, I’m at embrodski at gmail.

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I Blog. I Podcast. I Write SF.


HPMOR audio book. The Bayesian Conspiracy. The Mind Killer. http://WhatLiesDreaming.com. Lover of humans. Sometimes I write things